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August 2014

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Wednesday 27th | Negotiation Masterclass (August 2014)

An exclusive opportunity as this Masterclass is offered once only in 2014, Negotiation Masterclass is an essential for lawyers seeking to improve their technique and understand strategies around negotiation.


Training lawyers in negotiation is a highly specialised area. We are delighted to welcome Emeritus Professor John Wade to deliver the Negotiation Masterclass. A career including 22 years of delivering negotiation courses around the world, an active mediation practice and several university appointments (including at the Dispute Resolution Centre, Bond Univer... Read more

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Thursday 28th | Ethical Dilemmas for Junior Lawyers - How to spot them and how to solve them (Rookie Lawyers' Series) (2014)

The role of a junior lawyer brings its own specific challenges in terms of ethical behaviour.  While everyone is familiar with the classic ethical issues like avoiding conflicts of interest and maintaining confidentiality, most ethical questions are more subtle and may not be immediately recognisable.

This session will discuss common ethical dilemmas for junior lawyers, providing practical tips to assist with identifying them in advance, and dealing with them once they have arisen.

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Friday 29th | Trusts - The A - Z (August 2014)

This workshop covers the options for creating a trust, the creation of the trust, maintaining the trust and vesting/ending the trust. This program is designed to simplify what is usually regarded as a complex area.

Topics Include:

  • Introduction to Trusts
  • Types of Trusts
  • Creation and Management of Trusts
  • Taxation of Trusts


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