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October 2014

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Friday 3rd | Subdivisions - A practical 'how to' (Oct 2014)

This workshop covers the practical and legal issues surrounding subdivisions. Following completion of the workshop attendees should be able to interpret a plan of subdivision and understand historical types of subdivisions, understand obligations and powers of an Owners Corporation, understand Contracts of Sale and Vendor’s Statements for lots affected by an Owners Corporation, understand requirements and compliance for pre-selling and gain an understanding of the preliminary advice to be given to a purchaser and vendor in a pre-selling situation.

Topics covered in the w... Read more

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Wednesday 8th | Death and Taxes - Tax tips for wills and estates lawyers (2014)

Even a relatively simple estate can involve significant taxation implications, for either the estate itself or the beneficiaries, if funds and assets are not dealt with in the most efficient manner.

This practical and interactive seminar will examine issues associated with the main residence exemption from capital gains tax, using a factual scenario to delve into key considerations and issues.  It will also explore issues arising from the use of discretionary trusts, working through a real trust deed to consider how to deal with amendments and other important issu... Read more

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Friday 10th | Pleamaking (October 2014)

Tony Graham, QC and former Judge, will lead practitioners through the fine art of when to plead, how to prepare and present an efficient plea in mitigation and the calling of character witnesses.

This workshop is designed for legal practitioners who practice or intend to practice criminal law, particularly in the Magistrates Court. Performance based case studies will provide a rare and exciting opportunity for discussion and guidance from the presenters. This workshop is not to be missed.


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Monday 13th | Estates - Probate and administration practice (Oct 2014)

The program includes:

  • Applications for grants of probate and letters of administration
  • Role of executor and administrator
  • Advertising
  • Preparing documents
  • Asset collection
  • Transfers of real estate
  • Taxation issues
  • Costing files
  • Final accounts
  • TFM and dealing with assets

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Monday 13th | Tribunal Advocacy (October 2014)

Develop your skills and increase your confidence in a general tribunal context. This two day program includes an opening lecture of:

Evidence in Tribunals; and Fundamentals of cross examination.

A series of fact scenarios give participants the opportunity to perform various submissions, moot and cross examination performances. Individual feedback is provided by our experienced presenters together with practical tips around appearing in VCAT. Leo Cussen in collaboration with VCAT, have put together a DVD designed specifically for the w... Read more

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Wednesday 15th | Law Firms of the Future - Practical solutions for implementing value based pricing (October 2014)



Free yourself, your team and your clients from the restrictions of timesheets and the billable hour and learn how to run a timeless law firm.

Modern law firms are being challenged by various market and operational factors like never before.  These challenges can create angst but can also create great opportunities for those law firms open to a mindset and business model change.

This workshop confronts the conventional wisd... Read more

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Thursday 16th | Property Law Conference 2014

An Alternative Remedy for Lease Disputes – Utilising the Australian Consumer Law 

When commercial lease disputes arise, the most common step is to immediately look to the lease itself for possible avenues of claim and potential remedies.  But the introduction of the Australian Consumer Law (‘ACL’) has provided another, less-commonly pursued, option for tenants who feel that the landlord or their agent may have engaged in... Read more

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Friday 17th | Estate Planning - The A - Z (Oct 2014)

Topics Covered

Ownership - 4 key types Key planning issues Superannuation death benefits Drafting exercise - binding death benefit nomination Estate planning and existing family/hybrid trusts Key attributes for wills and testamentary trusts Drafting exercise - beneficiary controlled testamentary trust Vunerable beneficiaries Means tested pension eligibility - operation of deeming rules Income tax concessions Capital gain... Read more

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Monday 20th | Conveyancing - From title search to settlement (Oct 2014)

This workshop covers the essentials. The program includes:

Searching title Applications for certificates including planning permits and statutory authorities Vendors statements Contracts Transfer documents Settlement Stamping and registration

A highly practical program which is designed to equip you to operate in this demanding area. 

Note: This workshop runs for 2 days. ... Read more

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Tuesday 21st | Employment Contracts for Non-Employment Lawyers (2014)

Non-employment lawyers are often called upon to provide advice on employment contracts and associated issues as part of a transfer of business, an intellectual property dispute, disagreement between business partners or myriad of other circumstances.

This seminar is designed specifically for non-employment lawyers, highlighting key issues they should be aware of when drafting or reviewing employment contracts, as well as those issues that may require specialised expertise.

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Wednesday 22nd | Business Development for Junior Lawyers (Rookie Lawyers' Series) (2014)

One of the key characteristics to help a junior lawyer move onwards and upwards is their ability to attract new clients, together with bringing in additional business from existing clients.  Despite being essential in today’s competitive legal environment, business development can be a challenge for even the most-experienced practitioners with an established network, let alone those still finding their feet in their first few years of practice.

This session will explore realistic options and practical strategies for junior lawyers to implement that may help them become m... Read more

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Thursday 23rd | VCAT Guardianship and Administration Applications - Tips and traps (2014)

This seminar will provide an overview of the process involved in the various applications that can be made under the Guardianship and Administration Act 1986 (Vic) including applications for orders: Appointing a guardian to make decisions with respect to a person’s lifestyle Appointing an administrator to manage a person’s financial and legal affairs Revoking an attorney’s appointment, or varying, suspending or making another order in relation to a financial enduring power of attorney Revoking... Read more

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Friday 24th | In-House Practice - The secrets to success (October 2014)

Who has time to complete a two year course when new to in-house practice!!

Our intensive one day workshop facilitated by leading in-house lawyers is designed to give you a head start and help you quickly come to grips with the most important aspects of in-house practice. This workshop will help you get on top of your role and fulfil client expectations from the outset.

This unique workshop is offered exclusively to in-house counsel who have recently commenced in-house practice and private practitioners considering commencing in-house practice. In collaboration with ... Read more

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Wednesday 29th | Family Law Practice (Oct 2014)

This 2 day workshop covers the fundamentals of practising in this challenging practice area. The program includes:

Applicable legislation Family Court and Federal Circuit Court systems and procedures Preparation of documents (including divorce applications, initiating applications and affidavits relating to children, maintenance property settlement, enforcement and contempt, and injunctions) Service of documents Attending court hearings Client interviews Briefing counsel Read more

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Wednesday 29th | PPSA for Pros - Recent cases and developments

Please note this seminar will be held on Wednesday, 29 October 2014, not 9 October 2014 as previously advertised. 


This seminar is designed for practitioners who have a good working knowledge of the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth) and who are wanting to keep abreast of de... Read more

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Thursday 30th | Understanding Financial Statements for Lawyers (Oct 2014)

CORRECTION: Please note that the cost for this program is incorrect in our most recent program guide. The correct program details are below. We apologise for any inconvenience.


Offered in conjunction with Kaplan Professional, this one-day workshop covers the principles involved in constructing financial statements, and works through practical case studies on the financial accounts of different types of businesses.

Financial reports – profit and loss statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, accounting standards,... Read more

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Thursday 30th | Tax Tips and Traps for Family Lawyers (2014)

The division and disposal of real property and other assets, and the distribution of income, as part of family law proceedings or other arrangements can result in adverse taxation implications if due care is not taken. 
  This seminar will highlight issues for practitioners to be aware of in terms of CGT, transfers of assets, spousal maintenance and other common financial aspects to family law, and how to best structure such arrangements for the advantage of all parties involved.


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