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Thursday 24th | Enforcement Proceedings - Practice and procedure in the major jurisdictions (July 2014)

This workshop provides a practical grounding in the essentials. The program includes:

Enforcing Orders and Judgments in the Magistrates, County, Supreme and Federal Courts Oral examination of debtor Warrants - in respect of personal property or land Attachments of earnings and Attachment of debts Charging and stop orders over securities and funds in court Bankrupting individuals and winding up companies

This program is also designed to assist you to upgrade your skills in adv... Read more

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Thursday 24th | Tribunal Advocacy (July 2014)

Develop your skills and increase your confidence in a general tribunal context. This two day program includes an opening lecture of:

Evidence in Tribunals; and Fundamentals of cross examination.

A series of fact scenarios give participants the opportunity to perform various submissions, moot and cross examination performances. Individual feedback is provided by our experienced presenters together with practical tips around appearing in VCAT. Leo Cussen in collaboration with VCAT, have put together a DVD designed specifically for the w... Read more

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Thursday 24th | Time Recording for Junior Lawyers (Rookie Lawyers' Series) (2014)

Do you put in a solid 10 hours’ work at the office each day but still struggle to record 6 billable hours?  Not sure about the difference between ‘reading’, ‘reviewing’ and ‘perusing’?
  Efficient and accurate time recording is vital not only in terms of your career and client management, but also because the recovery or payment of costs can be a significant part of any legal dispute.  Although every firm has its own policies and procedures for time recording, many junior lawyers still find time recording a challenge in pra... Read more

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Thursday 31st | Document Retention and Destruction - Managing conflicting obligations (2014)

Numerous legislative regimes govern how and when certain documents may be destroyed, mandate that some must be retained for longer than seven years (if not indefinitely) and provide that others are to be de-identified if they are kept.
  Reconciling these sometimes conflicting laws and applying them in practice can present quite a challenge – both for lawyers and their clients.

This session will provide an overview of the relevant laws and offer helpful tips to assist with document retention and destruction whilst complying with the vario... Read more

Categories: Seminars | CPD Programs | Practice management & business skills