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August 2014

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Friday 1st | Workplace Bullying Investigations - Are you sure you know what you're doing? (2014)

Following the implementation of the new bullying provisions of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) on 1 January 2014, lawyers, HR professionals and business owners need to be more aware than ever of how to conduct best practice workplace investigations into allegations of bullying.
This seminar will provide guidance on the conduct of fair and rigorous workplace bullying investigations, including: The impact of the Fair Work Commission bullying jurisdiction on employer risk management Workplace cultures, policies, training and... Read more

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Monday 4th | Litigation - A practical guide to practising in the Victorian Courts (Aug2014)

This practical two day workshop provides an overview of the major jurisdictions with a particular focus on Magistrates', County, Supreme Courts with reference to Federal Court and  VCAT.

The program includes:

Pre-litigation correspondence Without prejudice communications Offers of compromise Deciding jurisdiction Parties Service of documents Initiating proceedings Preparing complaints Pleadings Writs Statement... Read more

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Tuesday 5th | Dealing with Discovery - From instructions to inspection (Rookie Lawyers' Series) (2014)

The process of discovery can seem like one of the most mundane duties a junior lawyer could be tasked with, but the slightest mistake or oversight has the potential for dire consequences for a client – not to mention a lawyer’s career.

In light of recent High Court comments on the conduct of lawyers during discovery, this timely session will provide guidance on the various stages of the discovery process, with reference to the relevant rules, equipping practitioners with the skills to confidently and efficiently tackle small and large discovery tasks.

  Read more

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Wednesday 6th | When Friends Become Foes – Resolving shareholder and member disputes (2014)

Shareholder agreements or constitutions are intended to ensure the smooth and fair operation of a company, business or not-for-profit entity, but even if they contain detailed dispute resolution provisions, they often fail to provide a clear solution when things “get personal”.

With reference to recent cases, this seminar will discuss issues and practical remedies in relation to some of the common areas of dispute between shareholders or members of not-for-profit groups including:

Shareholder agreements and constitutions ... Read more

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Thursday 7th | Retail Leases - A practical guide (August 2014)

This workshop covers the essentials of retail leasing and is ideal for both private practice and in-house lawyers. The program includes:

An overview of the retail leases legislation Disclosure statements Key conditions Procedural steps Stamp duty Transfers Surrenders Recovering possession

This workshop is designed to bring you up to date with current practice in this area and is ideal for those practitioners new to practice in retail leases as we... Read more

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Friday 8th | In-House Counsel Conference 2014

Whistleblowing and Legal Ethics  Featuring special guest speaker Jeff Morris, Commonwealth Bank of Australia whistleblower

Jeff Morris led a group of whistleblowers who brought to light the unscrupulous conduct of colleagues at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.  His actions ultimately resulted in a Senate inquiry.  In this session, Jeff will share his first-hand experiences... Read more

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Friday 8th | Wills - From drafting to costing (Aug 2014)

This workshop is designed to provide a solid foundation for those wishing to practice in this area. The program includes:

Intestacy Domestic partners Using will precedents Common drafting practices Considerations in preparing a will Codicils Execution Revocation Alteration Rectification Wills storage Testamentary capacity Undue influence Executors duties ... Read more

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Friday 15th | Planning Law Practice - From permit to enforcement (August 2014)

This program outlines:

Planning framework including legislation Planning authorities Responsible authorities Planning schemes Zoning Amendments Applications for review Enforcement and other controls Compensation Proceedings in VCAT Application processes including notices Objections Submissions Amenities and types of permits

Essentials are workshops for l... Read more

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Tuesday 19th | Insolvency Update (2014)

It seems that not a week passes without something significant happening in the insolvency space. This seminar will discuss the most recent and important developments including: The decision of DSG Holdings v Helenic (2014) setting aside a deed of company arrangement, which had been passed on the back of related-party creditor votes An update on liquidators’ liens and the status of the Universal Distributing principle following the High Court decision in Stewart and Anor v Atco Controls Pty Ltd (in liquidation) (2014) Read more

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Wednesday 20th | Conveyancing - From title search to settlement (Aug 2014)

This workshop covers the essentials. The program includes:

Searching title Applications for certificates including planning permits and statutory authorities Vendors statements Contracts Transfer documents Settlement Stamping and registration

A highly practical program which is designed to equip you to operate in this demanding area. 

Note: This workshop runs for 2 days. ... Read more

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Thursday 21st | Getting Personal - A 'how to' guide to the PPSA (2014)

This ‘back to basics’ seminar will provide a refresher on the key concepts under the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth) including attachment, perfection and priority.  It will also provide practical guidance on how to use the Personal Property Securities Register.

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Tuesday 26th | Drafting Powers of Attorney (2014)

A practical seminar designed to provide tips on drafting effective powers of attorney, including:

  • Medical, enduring and financial powers of attorney
  • Powers limited in purpose and irrevocable powers



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Wednesday 27th | Negotiation Masterclass (August 2014)

An exclusive opportunity as this Masterclass is offered once only in 2014, Negotiation Masterclass is an essential for lawyers seeking to improve their technique and understand strategies around negotiation.


Training lawyers in negotiation is a highly specialised area. We are delighted to welcome Emeritus Professor John Wade to deliver the Negotiation Masterclass. A career including 22 years of delivering negotiation courses around the world, an active mediation practice and several university appointments (including at the Dispute Resolution Centre, Bond Univer... Read more

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Thursday 28th | Ethical Dilemmas for Junior Lawyers - How to spot them and how to solve them (Rookie Lawyers' Series) (2014)

The role of a junior lawyer brings its own specific challenges in terms of ethical behaviour.  While everyone is familiar with the classic ethical issues like avoiding conflicts of interest and maintaining confidentiality, most ethical questions are more subtle and may not be immediately recognisable.

This session will discuss common ethical dilemmas for junior lawyers, providing practical tips to assist with identifying them in advance, and dealing with them once they have arisen.

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Friday 29th | Trusts - The A - Z (August 2014)

This workshop covers the options for creating a trust, the creation of the trust, maintaining the trust and vesting/ending the trust. This program is designed to simplify what is usually regarded as a complex area.

Topics Include:

  • Introduction to Trusts
  • Types of Trusts
  • Creation and Management of Trusts
  • Taxation of Trusts


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