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November 2014

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Wednesday 26th | Time to Update Your Standard Costs Agreement? Recent cases and common errors (2014)

Costs agreements are one of the most important documents used by legal practitioners, yet once drafted they are rarely reviewed except to update charge out rates.  Failing to keep pace with legislative changes and case law developments can, however, result in outdated, unclear and/or inaccurate costs agreements, potentially leaving practitioners exposed and unable to recover outstanding legal fees.

This seminar will consider how and why you should re-examine and consider updating and/or tailoring your costs agreement in light of recent changes to court rules and scale... Read more

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Thursday 27th | Intellectual Property - Patents, trademarks and copyright (Nov 2014)

This workshop covers the essentials of protecting and exploiting intellectual property, including patenting invention; registering designs and trademarks; copyright and its use in protection of designs and trademarks; trademarks in business; infringement proceedings; domain names and dispute resolution proceedings and a review of conducting searches for patents, trademarks and designs.

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Friday 28th | Commercial Litigation Conference 2014

Consequential Loss - Recent decisions and practical implications 

Australian courts have moved away from characterising ‘consequential loss’ in accordance with the second limb of the rule in Hadley v Baxendale.  And with courts in different jurisdictions continuing to interpret the term in different ways, it is becoming increasingly difficult to predict with certainty what losses will be recoverable in the event of a ... Read more

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