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ONGOING | Practical Training Course (Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice)

The Practical Training Course (PTC) is running over this period. Enrolment in the PTC must be made via the 'Apply to the Practical Training Course' page.

Categories: Practical Training Course

Wednesday 2nd | Trust & Office Accounting (April 2014)

An entry level lawyer should have sufficient knowledge, skills and values to maintain trust and general account records according to law and good practice, to the extent usually permitted and expected of an employed lawyer.

This topic covers

  • Receiving money
  • Making outlays
  • Rendering costs
  • Maintaining trust accounts

Categories: Traineeship Programs | Law Students and Graduates

Monday 7th | Introduction to Conveyancing for Legal Support Staff (April 2014)

A comprehensive overview of the “what you need to know” of conveyancing. The program includes title searches, off title restrictions and enquiries, vendor statements and contracts, transfer documents, settlements, stamping and registration.

Categories: Workshops for Legal Support Staff | Other Professionals

Tuesday 8th | Ethics & Professional Responsibility (April 2014)

An entry level lawyer should act ethically and demonstrate professional responsibility and professional courtesy in all dealings with clients, the courts, the community and other lawyers. In accordance with the National Competency Standards for Entry Level Lawyers, this topic covers:

Acting ethically Discharging the legal duties and obligations of legal practitioners Complying with professional conduct rules Complying with fiduciary duties Avoiding conflicts of interest Acting courteously ... Read more

Categories: Traineeship Programs | Law Students and Graduates

Wednesday 9th | Wills - From drafting to costing (April 2014)

This workshop is designed to provide a solid foundation for those wishing to practice in this area. The program includes:

Intestacy Domestic partners Using will precedents Common drafting practices Considerations in preparing a will Codicils Execution Revocation Alteration Rectification Wills storage Testamentary capacity Undue influence Executors duties ... Read more

Categories: Workshops for Lawyers | Essential Workshops | CPD Programs | Substantive law

Thursday 10th | Business Law - Partnerships, business sales and acquisitions and finance (April 2014)

The program includes:

  • Partnerships
  • Deeds
  • Business names
  • Acting for the vendor
  • Acting for a purchaser
  • Searches
  • Settlements
  • Finance
  • Insurance issues

This program aims to provide a well rounded foundation for confident practice in this area.

Categories: Workshops for Lawyers | Essential Workshops | CPD Programs | Substantive law

Monday 28th | Compulsory Course 2014

The Compulsory Course covers:

  • Lawyer's Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Work Management & Business Skills
  • Civil Litigation
  • Commercial & Corporate Practice
  • Property Law
  • Ethics & Professional Responsibility
  • Trust & Office Accounting

Please note the course topics do not always run on consecutive dates, as there are breaks throughout.

Categories: Law Students and Graduates | WA Articled Clerks

Monday 28th | Property Law (April 2014)

An entry-level lawyer should be able to convey, lease and mortgage real property. The lawyer should also be able to provide general advice in standard matters arising under local government, planning, environment or other legislation regulating land use in that State or Territory.

This topic covers

Transferring title Creating leases Creating and releasing securities Advising on land use Advising on revenue implications

Please note this workshop runs for 3... Read more

Categories: Traineeship Programs | Law Students and Graduates

Wednesday 30th | Pleamaking (April 2014)

Tony Graham, QC and former Judge, will lead practitioners through the fine art of when to plead, how to prepare and present an efficient plea in mitigation and the calling of character witnesses.

This workshop is designed for legal practitioners who practice or intend to practice criminal law, particularly in the Magistrates Court. Performance based case studies will provide a rare and exciting opportunity for discussion and guidance from the presenters. This workshop is not to be missed.


Categories: Workshops for Lawyers | Advocacy Workshops | CPD Programs | Professional skills